Retreats and Workshops 2019

May 23–26: Women’s Trauma, Trust & Intimacy workshop

June 8: Shamanic Healing Intro Workshop, Byron Bay region, NSW

June 9: Advanced Shamanic Healing Day, Byron Bay region, NSW

June 22–29: 7-Day Shamanic Healing & Transformation Retreat, Iluka NSW

July 13–19: The Hero/Heroine’s Journey, Iluka, NSW

July 27: Reclaiming Emotions workshop, Byron Bay region, NSW

July 28: Ancestral Healing workshop, Byron Bay region, NSW

Aug 9–11: Shamanic Healing & Transformation Weekend, Cairns, QLD

Aug 12–18: Eco-Healing Retreat, Far North Queensland

Aug 29–Sept 1: Trauma, Trust & Sex workshop, Iluka, NSW

Sept 13–15: From Survivor To Thriver: Women’s Healing From Sexual Assault, VIC

29 September: Reclaiming Emotions, afternoon workshop, VIC

Oct 13–Nov 9: Deep Changer Retreat, Murray River Country, VIC

Nov 29–Dec 1: Shamanic Healing & Transformation weekend, Melbourne, VIC

For more information about our retreats and workshops, for questions or bookings please contact us here,
or email or call 0407 650026