Details about the Eco-Healing retreat in Western Kimberley

More info on venue, transport, location and details

Location – Start and Finish:

We meet in Broome at 9am on 2 June 2018. The location to meet will be sent in the details triggered by your deposit on the trybookings form. If you are on a payment plan or paying straight into the account by e-banking or over the counter, please contact us to be emailed these details.

We will return to Broome on day 7 (8th June) at around 7pm. Accommodation before and after as well as breakfast on the first day in Broome before departing for Cape Leveque and dinner on the last day in Broome when we arrive back, is your responsibility.


Flights go direct to Broome from most capital cities. From Darwin or Perth, either regional flights or a 2 day coach trip on the Greyhound will bring you into Broome.

If arriving from outside Australia, the closest international airports are Perth or Darwin and there are regional flights to Broome from there or a 2 day coach trip.

If you wish to bring your own 4WD that is fine. Please let us know if you would like to take any passengers with you. Please note you are responsible for your vehicle at all times.

Venue:  Gunbaman Wilderness Retreat

Gungaman is an Aboriginal owned, off-the-grid wilderness camp on the tip of the Dampier Peninsular. Gumbanan is famous for it’s story telling around the campfire. Frank and his brother Joe are key elders who are often sharing their wealth of family stories, dreamtime stories and stories of the movement of the Bardi Jawi People and their history. There is nothing quite like immersing yourself in their stories and knowledge passed down over generations while sitting under the stars around the campfire.

We shall also be visiting nearby Kooljaman, famed for it’s iconic red cliffs.

Access is a four hour 4WD trip from Broome and all organised for you.


Accommodation is in shared permanent Safari Tents with full size beds and bedding provided.


What to bring

– this will be sent to you when you put in the deposit however it will be simple clothing and personal items, something to sit on outdoors, etc.

Facilities at Gunbaman

Gunbaman has a toilets and showers block, and a camp kitchen area.

All meals are provided. Due to limited cooking facilities and the ease of providing protein via meat, we provide both meat and vegetarian options. If you wish you can bring your own snacks.

This is an alcohol and drug-free retreat!

Aboriginal land

At all times we are aware we are on Aboriginal land and pay our respects to the local communities in allowing us to be there. In joining this retreat we each agree to follow to any laws and rules that the Bardi Jarwi wish us to adhere to.

Gumbanan Bush Camp has been a part of the Davey family for centuries. It has been an integral part of the Davey’s family home for generations. Officially the campground has been open to the public since 2005. The current elders Frank and Maureen are integral parts of the Dampier Peninsular community and have enjoyed sharing their love and passion for their homeland. The Davey family members form an integral part of the bush camp and offer a cultural experience, knowledge and appreciation for the land like non other.

One of the locations unmissable features is the large rock fish trap ‘Mayoorr‘ which captures fish on the outgoing tide, it has been built and maintained by the family for over five generations, originally built by Franks Great Grandfather, Dino Davey.

The family are part of the Bardi Jawi People, known to be ‘Salt Water People’ and also world famous for their unique dancing. The Bardi Dancers are a traditional male dance group comprised of elders and future leaders of the Bardi people. They have performed nationally and internationally, including at Stonehenge.

They are keepers of traditional culture and stories, through song and dance. Their style is very distinctive as they perform with intricate totems depicting coastal life and traditional hunting practices, handed down orally and visually from generation to generation – a strong example of living culture in contemporary society.

This is a wonderful and amazing adventure, we hope you join us!