Healing Depression & Anxiety course Brisbane

An effective and empowering 6-week course on Healing Depression & Anxiety.

Wednesday evenings 7pm-9.30pm from July 18 to 22 August

Location: Tennyson Scout Hall, 55 Vivian Street, Tennyson, QLD 4105
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Camping available on site for $7 per tent per night.

Cost: $25 (full) $20 (conc.) per night if all six sessions are pre-booked via the “Book Now” button below

or $30 ($25 concession) cash only on the door.


This is for anyone who is experiencing depression, anxiety, or emotional turmoil. We believe that you hold the keys to your own healing so we work with you without agenda or labels and we do not tell you what you should be doing but respectfully and effectively work with you to create a life that uniquely suits you.

According to Beyond Blue, an estimated 45% of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime and at any one time, around 1 million Australians have depression and 2 million have anxiety. Of these, many people will be prescribed medications and/or talk therapy to make the symptoms more bearable. While medications and other programs can help for a while, unless we address the deeper causes, health and healing may well be beyond reach.

We believe that depression and anxiety is a signal that something deeper is going and we extend an invitation to examine our lives so that something far better can emerge. The Healing Depression course will include many of the features that make our Healing & Transformation retreats and workshops so successful plus a few new ones:

  • an emphasis on creating deep unflinching safe space and trust
  • an integrated holistic and shamanic approach looking at mind, body, spirit, family and community
  • a healthy approach to feeling and expressing emotions, including anger, shame and grief
  • following the lead of each person’s innate wisdom rather than imposing a fixed set of solutions
  • working with and healing trauma
  • individual, pair and group work and processes
  • bodywork and somatic experiences
    practical and accessible tools to take with you into your everyday life
  • being witnessed and supported in our deepest truth – no matter what it looks like
  • reconnecting with our bodies, our emotions and other people

This is for anyone over 18 of any background, sexuality, belief or gender. To give interested people a chance to see if this is for them, the first two weeks of the course will be ‘open’ for people to try it out. From the 3rd evening the course will be closed to newcomers so that deeper confidentiality, very solid trust and mutual support can be allow deeper healing.

An optional further three evenings of self-run get-togethers might be organised on the last evening to assist in further practicing the tools taught in a safe space – this will be free and non-facilitated.

We look forward to welcoming you and journey with you into ease, healing and wholeness!

To reserve your place or find out more, call Phoenix on 0407 650026 or email info@innatewisdomconnection.com.au

Feedback from a previous Healing Depression & Anxiety course

What i got out of the course – from Barbara

  • Tools i can use into every day life. 
  • An understanding that I may not always know why I feel the way i do but that is ok (and feeling that too).
  • Allowing feeling to be felt and expressing the energy in ways that are not projected at people. Therefore having more constructive conversations which mean i am feeling that i am being heard more. 
  • Owning my feelings, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable that may be. 
  • Allowing feeling to be felt so they can then pass and let other feelings in.