Ancestral Healing

The experiences of our ancestors can impact on our present lives. If various traumas and difficulties including personal, family, cultural, national or international events, crisis, migrations, famines, wars, diseases etc were experienced this could be passed down the ancestral lines.

If there is something in your life that cannot seem to be resolved, you cannot seem to connect with or you have a sense that it is bigger than just your lifetime, an ancestral healing may help greatly. Even if you don’t know what the issue may be, just wondering if there could be some ancestral healing needed, could be an intuitive call to do healing on this level.

We can only do ancestral healing with the permission of your ancestors. Over the phone or if you email me a picture of yourself, I can tune in with them and see if we can work in this way. If yes, we will make a time, if not then we can either do some other type of session or it may not be the time to do this at this point.

Rate is $80 per session. Sessions are held in the beautiful natural environment of the little Healing Sanctuary in the forest by the river near Warburton, Yarra Valley, Victoria. Sessions are also avail in St Kilda, Melbourne $90 and other areas of Australia.

Contact Phoenix 0407 650026 or or through the contact page.