Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a specific ceremony in which the healer goes into an altered state of consciousness to search for and bring back parts of the soul which have become split off (usually due to trauma). This can be a valuable part of wider process of trauma healing, including inter-generational and past-life trauma.

For soul retrieval to be successful, it is really important to pay attention to the integration of the soul fragment after it has been returned.

One way of thinking about this is that the soul fragment left for a good reason, so we need to understand those reasons and make sure that things have changed in the person’s life otherwise the soul fragment might leave again. Preparation of the person before a soul retrieval, as well as after-care, is important so that there is a greater chance of successful re-integration of the soul fragments.

Specific soul retrieval healing ceremonies are not always necessary. In many cases when a person attends a workshop and works on aspects of their healing, they become more attractive to their lost soul fragments and the soul retrieval happens spontaneously and naturally.

The process is safe and all you need to do is lie down and relax. We won’t offer a soul retrieval session unless and until we think you are ready for it. At the end of the soul retrieval you will given guidelines for further work and integration.

For individuals. Sessions 1 – 2 hours. Available Mon – Friday and some Saturdays.

There are usually two facilitators present – one to drum, the other to heal. Rate $150 (2 healers are working with you). Held in St Kilda, Melbourne or Warburton, Yarra Valley, Victoria. Also available in other areas of Australia

Contact Phoenix 0407 650026 or or through the contact page.

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