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Righto, here it is, the post that has needed to be written for a while.

I get a lot of queries and requests for ayahuasca and other plant journeys. It’s become a trend that has some benefits to some people and some non-benefits to some people.

We often do Shamanic Healings and Journeys. It depends on who is there and the spirits. They never involve plants or ingesting anything.

We don’t ingest any plants. Very few shamanic traditions included plant-controlled journeys. You have better control and clarity on journeys with drums, rattles or other ways into altered states…just as or sometimes even more powerful than plant journeys.

I have clients who have had aya or other plant controlled journeys that have turned out not right or healthy or the so called ‘shaman’ was not steeped in or knowledgeable enough or it was not in the native country of the plant. Not every plant wants to work with every person etc. And it can be very damaging.

Anyone can Journey.

You don’t need to hand yourself to a plant, to a guru, or to the Pleiades to open, expand, understand, Heal, transform or anything else.

Plant(s) may be part of your journey at some stage, it may not. Let it emerge from your soul and not because a psychic said you should or you won’t reach full potential (FOMO) or Betty or Johnny had an epiphany on aya and so should you.

Follow your own path. It may not be seeking solutions from eating plants but surrendering to your deeper authentic inner self or being guided by spirits in your lounge room.

Journey well x



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