Victoria, Australia



The Conscious & the Unconscious

“But if we understand anything of the unconscious, we know that it cannot be swallowed. We also know that it is dangerous to suppress it, because the unconscious is life and this life turns against us if suppressed, as happens in neurosis. Conscious and unconscious do not make a whole when one of them is suppressed and injured by the other. Both are aspects of life. Consciousness should defend its reason and protect itself, and the chaotic life of the unconscious should be given the chance of having its way too - as much of it as we can stand. This means open conflict and open collaboration at once. That, evidently, is the way human life should be.” ― C.G. Jung So much of the unconscious drives us - and we...

The Year Ahead

Not many in-person groups next year but private groups (structured or informal)  are welcome to contact me. How does private group work ah…work? Many of you already know that I have been supporting people for a long time and that much of what I have studied and practiced is an experiential type of process that allows whatever is needing to emerge to come up safely and be processed or released or integrated. This means that what is focussed on is whatever people bring in to the space, rather than me providing the specific answers to issues. I provide the structure and guidance, then it is a group exploration that takes over and it may at times be relaxing, easy, messy, chaotic, stuck, exciting, boring, confusing, clarifying, amazing and any...

Sojourner Reflection

During my two week sojourner of reflection and reset here at Iluka, I’ve taken the last ferry across the mighty Clarence River almost every sunset. It seems a metaphor for my life…. Even though I’ve fallen off the boat of life a few times and almost drowned; even though I have soared above and touched infinity: even though at times the anchor kept me stuck: most of the time… I have cleaned the decks and wiped my brow and rested at the bow and now and then…a rainbow…or a dolphin…or a string of moments encompassing all that life can bestow! Trust and breathe life…trusting friends…trust and breathe feelings…trusting the process Phoenix...