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When Reason Fails

My mother is an inspiration to do the inner work while we can. She herself never did look at any of her issues or difficulties, and as she now slips into dementia it is obvious that what she did not work out, the unresolved issues and traumas, are back to haunt her tenfold.It is a very painful sight, sound and experience to see her in such terrible constant emotional and mental pain. The physical pain can be numbed out by drugs, but the body and emotions will have their reckoning sooner or later as well.Growing up in the Age of Reason, many of us tend to have very developed minds and believe that we can work everything out by...

Theo Kitchener

My Recent Shifts Around Supporting and Relating

A guest post by Theo Kitchener, originally written as an open letter to friends and family. So I recently went to Innate Wisdom Connection's three week Deep Changer retreat, and holy shit it was life changing. I came out feeling really comfortable with my emotions, in a way that, even though I'd been trying earlier, I just couldn't. Much of the theory was the same as what I'd been practicing before. But one of the major things that had been missing, was the sense of community creating safe space for feeling things. I really needed that, in order to really feel comfortable to drop into that emotional space. It was a huge process, to have found a taste of what emotionally safe space in community...


Emotions and the Healing of Trauma

According to Professor Stan Grof, trauma healing comes from finally completing an experience emotionally that may have been physically completed long ago. The initial moment of pain may have become so overwhelming that we make a subconscious decision to ‘check out’; in other words, we emotionally dissociate. Every part of us screams “Stop, I don’t want to feel this!” The problem is that we don’t stop the emotional experience, we just press pause. When we don’t have the courage or skills (because we are too young, or were never taught ((or it wasn’t safe)) ) to actually feel all of the emotions of a traumatic experience, we inadvertently trap the part of it we couldn’t handle, and store it away for later. - Jonathan Davies, NY Times These stored emotions...



Righto, here it is, the post that has needed to be written for a while. I get a lot of queries and requests for ayahuasca and other plant journeys. It’s become a trend that has some benefits to some people and some non-benefits to some people. We often do Shamanic Healings and Journeys. It depends on who is there and the spirits. They never involve plants or ingesting anything. We don’t ingest any plants. Very few shamanic traditions included plant-controlled journeys. You have better control and clarity on journeys with drums, rattles or other ways into altered states...