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Emotions and the Healing of Trauma

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Emotions and the Healing of Trauma

According to Professor Stan Grof, trauma healing comes from finally completing an experience emotionally that may have been physically completed long ago.

The initial moment of pain may have become so overwhelming that we make a subconscious decision to ‘check out’; in other words, we emotionally dissociate. Every part of us screams “Stop, I don’t want to feel this!”

The problem is that we don’t stop the emotional experience, we just press pause.

When we don’t have the courage or skills (because we are too young, or were never taught ((or it wasn’t safe)) ) to actually feel all of the emotions of a traumatic experience, we inadvertently trap the part of it we couldn’t handle, and store it away for later.

Jonathan Davies, NY Times

These stored emotions still affect us. Often we don’t even realize what and how these suppressed emotions are trying to express themselves unconsciously.

Hundreds of people have expressed to me how after finally identifying these often forgotten emotions and completing the process of healing the trauma (some traumas they had forgotten), different conditions ranging from physical, to emotional, to psychological and spiritual incl life purpose, improved or disappeared or resolved!

The mat work that we do, where people can safely explore and feel these lost emotions supported within a trusted, compassionate group, moves the trapped pain and releases it.

The ripple effect is invariable positive, sometimes amazingly so.

This includes cultural and ancestral trauma.

And if you don’t think you have trauma…come along and discover what you have had to suppress and how it affects you.

It can be a life-changing eye-opener!

– Phoenix Arrien


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