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Healing & Transformation

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Healing & Transformation

The Shamanic Deep Expansive Healing & Transformation Workshops are powerful, nurturing, experiential retreats to heal, open and transform.

Flow into a freer, better and easier life by moving through patterns that are holding you back or creating stress or confusion.

This is your invitation to heal and transform your life in the safety of a supportive healing community, connecting with the energies of nature and guided by your own innate healer, the group’s wisdom and the synchronicity of Spirit.

Heal and transform issues that are affecting you in your life including both physical and emotional aspects.

Discover deeper personal expression and authenticity.

Open your heart and mind.

Feel your personal space within the group and yourself and let go of that which doesn’t support your current situation.

Expand your ability to connect with yourself and others in different ways.

Be supported and held within circle in deep unflinching ways that nourish mind, body, emotions and soul.