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Spiritual Emergence/Awakening

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Phoenix and Mike support people going through spiritual emergence or awakening. Emergence is when you may be experiencing suddenly different, difficult or surprising shifts in perception, understanding of your environment or having peak experiences or different altered states.

This can be a wonderful, freeing and life-changing process or it can be frightening, disturbing or emotionally raw.

The definition below is offered by the Spiritual Emergence Service (2015)

The term Spiritual Emergence has been used to refer to the awakening of the spiritual potential within an individual that initiates the unfolding and expansion of that individual’s way of being. It is a natural process of growth toward a deeper, more connected and expanded way of being, that usually occurs slowly throughout our lives and is gently integrated. When this process occurs rapidly or becomes very intense it can seem disruptive and out of context with everyday life, precipitating a personal crisis which is referred to as a Spiritual Emergency.

Spiritual Emergence can also be referred to as Kundalini awakening (KA), shamanic journey, mystical experience, awakening the Divine within, psychic opening, out-of-body experience (OBE), or near-death experience (NDE).”

Support may include:

  • Mentoring
  • Healing & Transformation sessions
  • Bodywork
  • Shamanic journeys to gather allies for the process
  • Ritual or ceremony
  • Shamanic practices or training

While western medicine and conventional psychiatry or psychology is useful in many ways, sometimes other people need to be sought who have the experience and understanding of what you may be going through that exists outside of the conventional paradigms of our society.

To allow safe emergence of full potential that the awakening can offer a person, a careful and considered support and an open mind and grounded holistic – body, mind & soul – approach is necessary.
This can work alongside conventional or alternative therapies.

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