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Mike’s book list

I often get asked what books I recommend for people on their journey of healing. There are a few in the two Resources pages on this website, but here is a somewhat longer list: Some of the first books I read in this vein were by the psychiatrist and teacher M. Scott Peck, and they are still classics and a great starting point for many. Start with The Road Less Traveled - and then go on to read A Different Drum - a wonderful book about community; and People of the Lie - a classic work about the nature of evil. Basically I'd recommend anything he has written, and it is very approachable and readable. A few other classics Homecoming by John Bradshaw  - a great course in...

Shadow Work

“Why work with the shadow?” Because there are unconscious forces driving our lives that if we bring into awareness we: - Have choices to transform - Are empowered to heal ourselves and the world - Connect the dots around many confusing aspects of our past and present - Remember and integrate hidden parts of ourselves - Reconnect more fully to who we are and what we are here for - Accept and be present with others and their shadows - Open to much that can expand and evolve our lives What is it? The Shadow can be seen as that which we have had to, or chosen, to push away, avoid, disown, reject in ourselves. Very often it’s what we don’t like in others (far easier to see others’ shadows than our own). When...