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Winter of wildness, witchery, wistfulness, walking and waking

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Winter of wildness, witchery, wistfulness, walking and waking

Maga, the Queen phase in the women’s cycle. A time, conventionally known as menopause, that is suppressed, judged, medicated and dismissed by a patriarchal society. This is what I have traveled these last few years and am at the peak of the transition, I think lol.

Recently I journeyed with a group of beautiful brave soulful women into our sacred feminine. The Baba Yaga story is one of terribly terrific tasks that the dance of freedom from the wild woman calls for.

To do that we need to let go of the “perfect mother” fantasy, face our fears and raise our sticks of fire to light the way ahead of us. The darkness often makes me tremble in fear and want to run and hide. And so that weekend I am reminded of the wild hag in the forest who DNGAF (Does Not Give A Fuck). How helpful she has been for over-responsibility, taking on too much, trying to be what others think I should be or carrying expectations.

My mother passed away a few weeks ago, my eldest son turns 18, I’ve asked my partner for space, I’ve packed up my personal belongings in my house and I surrender to Spirit, the Wild Feminine, my intuition and the unknown as I stand on the cusp of Maga and claim power and wisdom.

These identities of daughter, mother, lover, worker and more I’ve had wrapped around me are thinning and peeling. Whatever is there to emerge I hope to show you with openness, vulnerability, trust, love and power.

I’m in the unknown. I know many of us find ourselves here at this place on the edges. Let’s journey together x

I’m heading north for a month to hold workshops, have time for me and to deepen the Heroines Journey.

There I open to the depths and trust that the cycle of descent and ascent is the powerful journey I need as I support others in an initiatory cycle of life, death, rebirth, freedom and contribution.

Winter of wildness, witchery, wistfulness, walking and waking.

I am also taking expressions of interest for an 8 session fortnightly zoom support group for women entering, in and who have finished the Maga phase. Please message me for more info or if you are interested.

It is with great keenness that I am preparing for the Heroine’s Journey as Mike prepares for the Hero’s Journey – all on  the tranquil waterfront, wild beaches and vibrant rainforests of Iluka in Northern NSW beckon – the perfect place for this incredible initiatory experience!

Phoenix Arrien


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