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Working with energy

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Working with energy

In teaching the masterclasses I have been asked about energy and how it is used in groups.

This is a bit tricky to define as energy as I experience it is hard to define, label, put into words or give any formulas around.

Energy healing is usually an activation of the body’s subtle energy systems. I find it especially useful when there is a block to growth or healing or the person is very much in their heads and finding it hard to come into their body.

By inviting the energy – I usually use my hands near their body (or even on their body) though I also at times ‘mirror’ the energies of the person on my own body or from a distance. This can be useful if the person has a solid protective energy wall around them or are feeling very vulnerable or scared. Getting too close to people in those states can be counter-productive, so I do it from a distance.

I don’t do it without explicit or inferred permission ie I would ask the person “Is it ok if I get closer to you?” or “it is ok if I do a bit of wooo woo?” is explicit.

If a person gets on the mat or agrees to a healing or a process then energy support is inferred, though I always try and ask unless it would take away from their process or if they are in a non-verbal state.

An individual energy healing with me may look like you lying on the table and we work together. For instance I move my hand over your body to see where I can feel or sense blocks or areas needing more energy or attention and you let me know if you know or feel anything in your body.

We both give our attention to that area with a sense of inquiry and may move or hold the energy in that area, allowing the body to be a guide.

I hope this clarifies why people sometimes see me moving my hands in groups when someone is in process. Don’t worry I cannot do any harm and it often helps.

I would love to know if you have ever felt energy as healing and what your experience was like?

Phoenix Arrien


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