Innate Wisdom Connection retreats & workshops with Mike & Phoenix

Healing and transformation retreats and workshops in nature and community

Innate Wisdom Connection is one of the most powerful transformative experiences being offered today. It will accelerate your healing journey, the discovery of who you really are, what your life is about and your capacity to live your fullest potential and dreams.

This is a profound in-depth journey into healing, community, nature and open-hearted love. There are four aspects to Innate Wisdom Connection that can be experienced in individual workshops or retreats, in individual sessions, or experienced as an intensive year-long journey:

  1. Healing & Transformation: powerful, nurturing processes that changes lives
  2. Eco-healing: Deep Ecology & Healing Ecology in wilderness environments
  3. Trauma, Trust and Sex: Transforming relationships through healing the trauma between masculine and feminine.
  4. Abundant Living: Letting go of scarcity mindsets and the unconscious beliefs which sabotage us so that we can live more fulfilled and happy lives.

Retreats & workshops, Australia: 2018

July 10–11: Shamanic Extraction, Brisbane QLD

July 14–15: Shamanism, Dying & Beyond, QLD

July 12–15: Trauma, Trust & Sex workshop, Sydney, NSW

July 18–19: Power Soul Retrieval, Brisbane, QLD

July 17–Aug 21: Healing Depression & Anxiety course: weekly 6x evenings, Gold Coast, QLD

July 18–Aug 22: Healing Depression & Anxiety course: weekly 6x evenings, Brisbane, QLD

Aug 2–5: Trauma, Trust & Sex workshop, Iluka, NSW

Aug 18: Shamanic Healing Workshop, Byron Bay region, NSW

Aug 26–Sept 1: 7-day Healing & Transformation retreat, Iluka, NSW

Sept 6–Oct 11: Healing Depression & Anxiety course: weekly 6x evenings, Melbourne, VIC

Sept 7–9: Trauma, Trust & Intimacy workshop, Warburton, VIC

Sept 23: Shamanic Healing Workshop, Melbourne, VIC

Oct 14–Nov 2: Deep Changer Retreat, Murray River country, nr Echuca, VIC

Nov 8–Dec 13: Healing Depression & Anxiety course: weekly 6x evenings, Melbourne, VIC

Nov 9–11: Healing & Transformation weekend, Melbourne, VIC

2019 Retreats and Workshops

Feb 8–10: Healing and Transformation weekend, Auckland, NZ

Feb 13–19: Eco-Healing Retreat, South Island, NZ

For more information on Innate Wisdom Connection retreats and workshops, for questions or bookings please contact Mike and Phoenix here,
or email or call 0407 650026