Victoria, Australia


Working with the Shadow

It’s great being on a spiritual path.

We do get questioned about how ‘spiritual’ our work is because we do shadow work, we help people safely feel stuff they haven’t felt before, we help people move through anger, sadness, loneliness, grief and other ‘negative’ emotions and bring science, some mainstream modalities into the healing space.

There’s lots of personal responsibility and personal power for our individual lives, deep listening, trying things, exploring strange or new, opening, allowing, softening, connecting….

…and that may include darkness, pain, confusion, uncertainty and stumbling. Not all the time but sometimes.


What helps us get through lockdown

Phoenix writes:
As this is being written much of Australia is under lockdown. A few weeks ago I gathered people’s responses to my question of ‘What are ways you are getting through such times?’

Many people responded and the results may be very helpful. Here is a quick synthesis of their responses, we hope these helpful ideas, hints and encouragement help…as well as knowing that you are not alone in this.