Victoria, Australia



What do you need when you are in business solo or an employee or management or the CEO and need a sounding board? Someone neutral but knowledgeable to understand and bring up the questions to consider that turn that light bulb on? Or a safe place to vent and be non-politically correct, unreasonable, irresponsible, upset, excited or any of the other behaviour you must not show as part of your role but feel like such a relief to get it out?

When it is lonely at the top, it can mean there is no-one in the organisation to talk about situations that arise that may need discussion with someone who has no stake in outcomes. This can help to process, contextualise and if required, figure out a way forward. What you may need is a mentor who can create a safe space and provide these and more.

I offer a safe focussed space to bring up what cannot usually be discussed with others, muse, reflect and even vent.    I am present to create space for you to slow down and process what is or has happened. The right questions to help to put things into perspective, share your thoughts and feelings, relax in a compassionate space with accessible feedback.                                  

Empathetic acknowledgment and validation helps enhance your empowered sense of self and enables you to also function during times of high stress.

Making choices that may seem daunting in the workplace get unpacked and interpreted for appropriate action including where to turn, where is support, what is the best way forward and weighing up outcomes.

Phoenix Arrien: Phoenix has had her own successful businesses in Outdoor Education, Professional Writing and Counselling & Workshops over 30 fulfilling years. She is a highly experience facilitator, and deeply listens to you so you and her can work deeply for maximum benefits, effectiveness and success.

Phoenix offers profoundly safe space and can guide you to aspects of your and your organisation’s development that can surprise and make you wonder why you didn’t get a mentor sooner!

Her training and experience includes Counselling, Somatic Psychology, Jungian Psychology, Adventure-based Counselling, Process-oriented Psychology, Voice Dialogue, Deep Ecology, writing and meditation. Phoenix successfully wrote a book for a NZ publishing company about business success.


  • Certificate in Somatic Psychology, Somatopia US
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment, Homesglen Tafe
  • Diploma of Writing and Photography, Australian College of Journalism
  • Certificate of Radio Writing, Production and Presentation, Plenty Valley FM
  • Managing and Developing Teams, Northern Melbourne Institute of Tafe
  • Family Education Certificate, Family Relationships Institute
  • Counselling Certificate, Cairnmillar Institute
  • Effective Communication in Cross Cultural Settings, Central Health Interpreter Service
  • Stress Management, Vision Australia
  • Handling Change, Vision Australia
  • Nutrition & Health, Vision Australia
  • Business Writing, CAE
  • Adventure Based Counselling, Project Adventure
  • Process Oriented Psychology, ProcessWork International
  • Responding to Grief & Loss, Vision Australia
  • Group work facilitation, Casa House
  • Ageing & Sensory Loss, Vision Australia
  • Sensory-based Art, Vision Australia
  • Public Speaking, CAE 1993
  • Voice Dialogue, Victorian Voice Dialogue Association


Sessions take place in person or online at a time to suit, usually monthly or quarterly. Please contact Phoenix Arrien on 0407 650026 or on this link.


  • “Exceeded my expectations. Nurturing, growth, support… deep support. Utterly professional, caring, knowledgable, intuitive. Would recommend your special and deeply necessary work to anyone.”
  • “…created and held a space which allowed me to go where traditional psychotherapy has not allwed me to go. Thank you. I have immense gratitude and respect for the work… I felt safe and was able to openly express my emotions without fear or judgement. I’m filled with a deep sense of calm and leave with an open heart and a thirst for gathering in your safe presence again.”
  • “…deep and expansive with Phoenix holding the space…a rich variety of processes and balance. Very heartfelt and beautiful space to share and be.”
  • ‘How to articulate the gifts received…Phoenix has held so well…I feel overwhelming gratitude, thank you!’
  • “I’ve had my great epiphany and answer to my pressing questions last night after I got home!” –
  • “Deep sense of my personal power…groundedness…boldness and a raw, fresh approach from Phoenix, beautifully guided with the right amount of directness.”
  • “Changed my life and lightened my load forever! I was…challenged, seen, nurtured…”