Victoria, Australia



Innate Wisdom Connection draws on a variety of traditions and modalities, including Process Work, Jungian Psychology, Core Shamanic Practice, Psychodrama, Inner Constellations, Focussing, Voice Dialogue, Deep Ecology, Australian Indigenous, Native American and Maori Bodywork, and other approaches to healing. The aim is to connect you with the healing wisdom that is inherent in your own body and soul, from Mother Earth, from Spirit, and from the collective wisdom of the group.

Each of us is born with an ability to access this innate wisdom, but the connection may be lost due to negative experiences, conditioning, trauma, life events or distractions. This can lead to fear, blocks or difficulties in the emergence of healthy, free-flowing connection for the body and with others. Western culture, with its focus on individuality, emphasises our separateness from others and the natural world – which means that we also become disconnected with our true selves. This disconnection is compounded by thousands of years of patriarchal and colonial domination which have led to high levels of distrust between people and within themselves.

Disconnection can lead to deep unhappiness, isolation, emotional shut-down, tiredness, dis-spiritedness and can manifest in physical, emotional, spiritual or mental health problems.

Together we healReconnecting to the innate wisdom, which is our birthright, requires a safe, powerful and soul-stirring experiential approach which goes beyond just intellectual understanding. Innate Wisdom Connection brings together the experience of deep unflinching support within loving community, inner discovery and awareness, and re-awakens our sense of how Nature and The Wild are part of us. As we learn to hold and love our bodies in compassionate consciousness, there is a mystical unfolding of awareness that we are both uniquely individual – and also one with everything else in the universe.

The experience of being heard, seen and understood even in our most vulnerable or difficult states, while participating in inclusive, open-hearted community, changes our lives and can change the world.