Victoria, Australia


Mission & Principles

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Our mission is to provide safe space for healing and transformation through deep support, empowering techniques and non-judgemental presence


These are the guiding principles for all Innate Wisdom Connection events and healing sessions

  • Realness
  • Safe space
  • Deep listening
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-responsibility
  • All is welcome here
  • Trust in the process
  • Emotional ownership
  • Honouring the sacred
  • Willingness to show up
  • Coming back to yourself
  • Working with the shadow
  • Not trying to change others
  • Everything is always evolving
  • Not hurting ourselves or others
  • Triggers are gifts using these tools
  • Healthy emotional expression (with sound and movement)
  • Meta non-duality (the dual and non-dual are both important)
  • We start with where we are, not where we have been told we should be
  • Responsible for the consequences of our actions even though we don’t have control over those consequences
  • We help people to connect with their innate wisdom, which we trust is the ultimate guide to what’s right for them / the ultimate authority for anyone is their own innate wisdom