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The Therapy Journey

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The Therapy Journey

If you have entered therapy and been given up on because you don’t seem to be ‘improving’ or ‘getting better fast enough’ or continuing self-harm, drugs, anti-social behaviour, depression, self-isolation (insert your own struggles here), it can be very debilitating, defeating, rejecting, (insert your own term here).
Forms of therapy that understand that these areas of your life that are not working may stem from past patterns that kept you going under traumatic or difficult circumstances (even if you don’t remember them) can make all the difference.
Therapy that seeks the internal resources that are still there and can be connected with again, helps make the healing journey possible to wellness, health and wholeness.
If it is looking bleak or hopeless in your life, let’s remind ourselves that there are therapies around that can increase our capacity, heal the trauma and change our lives beyond imagination.
Myself and many many others who have been through hell and back are living proof. It may feel though at the time that you are a failure and outside any ability or capacity for wellness and resolution.
Many have felt that too. When we are ready or have had enough I hope there is an open-minded and skilled therapist or workshop facilitator who can offer space beyond just talking and who does not assume about you, label you or tell you what you should do.
Help that is empowering, spacious, choice-full and helpful is available. It may take some looking, at a time when the last thing you may want to do is put yourself out there to contact anyone.
It’s worth it.
And if you can show up for the journey, we can help.
Love, healing and compassion to all x Phoenix

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