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WARMING THE STONE CHILD - Healing for the unmothered child Just about everyone has inner children that need connecting with and healing, we invite you on this helpful and accessible healing journey in community. The inner child or younger parts that are locked away in our psyches holding unresolved issues around overwhelming experiences in childhood are also a metaphorical and collective mythic symbol that can be worked with. The pain of abandonment, both real and metaphorical, can cast a shadow over our entire adult experience. Join me as we embark on a three week course by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run With The Wolves, alongside sharing and reflection to gently and lovingly explore the abandoned child archetype in world myths and cultures. Dates: Wednesday evenings 8, 15...

Freedom to Heal Your Way

We don’t fixate on any one modality or push any one formula expecting you to follow. With safe space your own healing process gets to emerge…often with surprising and unexpected ease. And we are good, very good, at safe space! It took me a long time to be able to say this but enough feedback, years of it,  gives me the confidence. As facilitators we are open to what it takes…for your healing for you… …and between us have a large range of modalities and techniques and understandings and skills, all underpinned by the co-creation of safe space and what that means for each individual. We provide the opportunity to feel safe enough to change in ways that are totally right for each individual. When...

How To Recover From Shock

Many of us are getting battered by different surprises and shocks at the moment. What's it like for you? For me recently first came blankness, like I don't want to know about this, then some tense thoughts and habitual patterns that question just how will I get through this? What does this mean? What am I doing? These along with body reactions like gut churning and a sharp rise in heart rate...