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How To Recover From Shock

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How To Recover From Shock

Many of us are getting battered by different surprises and shocks at the moment. What’s it like for you?
For me recently first came blankness, like I don’t want to know about this, then some tense thoughts and habitual patterns that question just how will I get through this? What does this mean? What am I doing?
These along with body reactions like gut churning and a sharp rise in heart rate…until the heart then feels like it is sinking with the sheer weight of coping, while digesting, understanding, feeling, all the reactions and the inevitable what now.
Then my newer patterns of dealing with challenges kicked in…
More breathing…
Some oh so incredibly effective somatic practices to ground, slow down, observe, move my body…
Then asking myself ‘do I need outside support’ and a big YES arises….I never used to even consider that. I used to do it all on my own. The relief of asking for and receiving support is a game changer that defies all descriptions. That too can be learnt.
As change requires us to open and trust, the challenge of transition can strip away some parts of ourselves that have no place in the new paradigm.
What serves, what is not serving anymore…?
What was real and what is now not real…?
What can I learn from this…?
And then the new…maybe even new possibilities arise…taking time and opening to support and trusting of life and the process.
Charles Epstein writes: ‘The old world falls apart but the new has not yet emerged. Without the mirage of order that once seemed to protect you and filter reality, you feel naked and vulnerable, but also a kind of freedom.’
I am feeling very naked and vulnerable right now as I write this and I know so many of you feel this way when facing your challenges and difficulties in our workshops and retreats.
And I know that I will get through this too. Because I have seen you do it in our workshops again and again and come out the other side so much more aware, powerful, open, expanded and for the better…and I remember how inspired I feel, again and again, as we support each other.
Support is so necessary to get through and make this change count…do the transition that is needed…open our eyes, mind and heart to better and more…and what Life can offer us, that we could hardly even imagine before the change.
With my community, with support, I will get through this and emerge into a fresh new personal world. I hope you can too x
Love Phoenix 

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