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What is Trauma, Effects, Ways of Working…in a Nutshell

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Unfolding trauma

What is Trauma, Effects, Ways of Working…in a Nutshell

Trauma is held in the body, and often revealed in relationships. Trauma disrupts our natural ability to connect. Trauma can create isolation and withdrawal. Trauma can flood us with shame or make us persistently terrified of abandonment.

Experiences of relational rupture can become lodged in our physiology and our felt experiences. Even after years of talk therapy and medication, the impact of trauma may still linger.

BUT… Instead of trying to dig our way out of trauma through individual talk therapy alone, contemporary research on healing trauma invites us to rediscover: the power of embodied connection, the felt experience of secure attachment, and the remembrance of what it is like to be truly seen and known.

It invites us to…listen, and rediscover what it feels like to connect. The important moments of contact. The possibility of resonance and “feeling felt.” The healing power of fully being with another human being and allowing what was unfinished to come to complete…

IWC uses a range of different modalities both ancient and modern depending on what the individual or group requires. We have a very strong success rate…contact us today to have a chat about what you need!



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