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Innate Wisdom Connection retreats & workshops with Mike & Phoenix

Healing and transformation retreats and workshops in nature and community in Australia and all over the world

Innate Wisdom Connection

Innate Wisdom Connection is one of the most powerful transformative experiences being offered today. It will accelerate your healing journey, the discovery of who you really are, what your life is about and your capacity to live your fullest potential and dreams.

This is a profound in-depth journey into healing, community, nature and open-hearted love. There are four aspects to Innate Wisdom Connection that can be experienced in individual workshops or retreats, in individual sessions, or experienced as an intensive year-long journey:


Healing & Transformation

The Shamanic Deep Expansive Healing & Transformation Workshops are powerful, nurturing, experiential retreats to heal, open and transform.

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Pieman River reflections


These nature-based experiences are not to be missed! In places of extraordinary natural beauty, profound inspiration and important diversity we explore underneath the surface with Deep Ecology, Rewilding, Adventure & Reflection.

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Trauma, Trust & Sex

The Trauma Trust & Sex workshops invite us to the deepest places in ourselves and our intimate relationships for understanding, insight, healing and resolution.

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Hero's Journey

The Hero/Heroine’s Journey

Our journey through life’s challenges can be so much easier when we have a map, support and embodied experiences of the Hero/Heroine’s Journey!

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Upcoming retreats and workshops

August 13 @ 1:00 pm - August 19 @ 2:00 pm
October 9 @ 3:00 pm - November 5 @ 4:00 pm
May 15 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

For more information on Innate Wisdom Connection retreats and workshops, for questions or bookings please contact Mike and Phoenix here,
or email or call 0407 650026

Individual Sessions

Improve your life, resolve issues, be deeply supported and free yourself of blocks, patterns and more that are causing pain, disturbance, dissociation, confusion, difficulties or illness.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healings include extraction, divination, soul retrieval and/or ancestral healings. A shamanic journey involves using a medicine drum or rattle to journey into the spirit world for insight, assistance, healing or understanding.

Shamanic Healings
Healing & Counselling

Be supported to understand what is blocking you or causing pain, disturbance, difficulties or illness. Deep profound openhearted support for your journey. All and anyone welcome in restoring balance and wholeness and health.

Individual sessions
Cherokee Bodywork

Cherokee body work proposes that ‘blocks’ can be released by physical manipulation and by attending at the same time

Cherokee bodywork
Male Mentoring

Mike offers mentoring to individuals of any gender or sexual orientation, helping them to connect to their own inner energy.

Male mentoring

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