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Shamanic Healing works at the level of body, mind and spirit to restore balance and wholeness and health. It is based on the understanding that there is no separation between body, mind, spirit; and also no separation from the context of our relationships with others, the natural world and spirits.

Shamanic Healing may involve extraction to remove spiritual “intrusions” which do not belong; it may involve “Soul portion retrieval”; it may involve divination to find answers; it may involve aspects of ancestral healing, or combinations of any or all of these.

For a good overview of Shamanic Healing, see this interview with Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies titled “Shamanic Healing: We are not alone”.

Soul Retrieval

Soul portion retrieval is a specific ceremony in which the healer goes into an altered state of consciousness to search for and bring back parts of the soul which have become split off (usually due to trauma). This can be a valuable part of wider process of trauma healing, including inter-generational and past-life trauma.

For soul retrieval to be successful, it is really important to pay attention to the integration of the soul fragment after it has been returned.

One way of thinking about this is that the soul fragment left for a good reason, so we need to understand those reasons and make sure that things have changed in the person’s life otherwise the soul fragment might leave again. Preparation of the person before a soul retrieval, as well as after-care, is important so that there is a greater chance of successful re-integration of the soul fragments.

Specific soul retrieval healing ceremonies are not always necessary. In many cases when a person attends one of our workshop and works on aspects of their healing, they become more attractive to their lost soul fragments and the soul retrieval happens spontaneously and naturally.

The process is safe and all you need to do is lie down and relax. We won’t offer a soul retrieval session unless and until we think you are ready for it. At the end of the soul retrieval you will given guidelines for further work and integration.

Ancestral Healing

The experiences of our ancestors can impact on our present lives. If various traumas and difficulties including personal, family, cultural, national or international events, crisis, migrations, famines, wars, diseases etc were experienced this could be passed down the ancestral lines.

If there is something in your life that cannot seem to be resolved, you cannot seem to connect with or you have a sense that it is bigger than just your lifetime, an ancestral healing may help greatly. Even if you don’t know what the issue may be, just wondering if there could be some ancestral healing needed, could be an intuitive call to do healing on this level.

We can only do ancestral healing with the permission of your ancestors. Over the phone or if you email Phoenix a picture of yourself, she can tune in with them and see if we can work in this way. If yes, we will make a time, if not then we can either do some other type of healing to build up to it or do it later when the time is right. You can’t push the river!

Shamanic Divination

To help discover and understand your life at the moment, a journey into non-ordinary reality in order to obtain answers to questions can be experienced. This is a time-tested shamanic  technique to seek and receive revelatory knowledge from visionary sources.

Shamanic Extraction

The extraction method of healing, including how to see, sense, and remove localized illness and pain are connected to spiritual and other factors. What is not needed anymore that you may be carrying and ready to let go of, is extracted painlessly and safely and neutralised. Usually a sense of lightness, freedom, expansiveness and wellness may follow.

For individuals. Sessions 1 – 1.5 hours. Available Mon – Friday and some Saturdays.

Contact Phoenix 0407 650026 or or through the contact page.

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‘Since my soul retrieval with you, I have so much more energy available to me. I feel so energized & passionate about my work. My pet sitting practice is thriving and I am slowly working towards realising my vision – establishing an equine healing retreat/animal sanctuary, where people can come to stay to heal through their connection to animals. Thank you so much for facilitating this healing, which has changed my way of life. I look forward to attending another workshop soon.’ – Elizabeth Sterling

‘Wow. I experienced life and death and everything in between, in my body, in my whole being, I was left speechless, my rational mind trying to comprehend something so profound, so intense, so deep and complex, and yet so simple. After I came back, I left this power, this strange feeling inside me, that I was more than myself, that I was many, I had dreams memories about my ancestors, powerful women, who walked this earth, matriarchs who held their heads high, warriors with doubled edged swords on their hips, I felt my grandmother in my body, I felt her power.’ – Lakshmi

‘Phoenix, I feel so much more in tune with me, and when I really feel into it the soul retrieval really took me back to the ‘me’ from before my first marriage, from when my Dad has been saying I have never really been me again….but I really have been feeling so much more me in the last 6 months & this process is really supporting that’. – Vanessa Beckitt