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There are changes here at Innate Wisdom Connection and exciting news!
This year has been one of tidal wave changes for me and for IWC. With trust and keeping focused on the vision, this is what is unfolding:
  • I have had a long-term dream of creating a healing place in nature all my life.
  • At the last two week retreat I consolidated this intention and shared it when I stepped into the Intention Circle.
Soon after I let go of my home in Warburton and the very next day the right place presented itself.
I, along with my partner Daryl, will be custodian of 2 beautiful acres by a gorgeous creek adjacent to magnificent state forest in Reefton, 20 minutes into the mountains from Warburton in the Upper Yarra Valley.
  • I have wanted to live in the bush all my life. This has now become possible. I am deeply grateful.
  • I have also dreamt of a place to provide IWC workshops and retreats from the one place. So everything is set up that is needed there in the one place in an accessible, natural, beautiful space.
  • A place where people are welcomed who seek healing, transformation, understanding, connection and peace through groupwork, individual sessions, nature experiences, public and private retreats, creating, growing and being.
  • A place where, also, a few people at a time can come to live in safety, support and understanding  for up to a year to recover emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is a big gap in our society – where do we go to recover – and one I have personally experienced.
  • A place that will be established for the IWC community that includes fun, depth, slowing down, music, growing things, campfires, reflection, rituals, listening, land connection, enjoying river that borders the property, Soul Quests, moving with nature and walking in the forest.
  • Rescue chickens and horses will grow with us and Wallis the cat will survey her domain from the sunny back deck.
For some it is getting away from what has to be grappled with every day, others it is having a break from or letting go of the fast-paced, busy, overwhelming, noisy, frantic, commodity-soaked environment that many of us are bombarded with.
It is only 1.5hrs from Melbourne – so accessible or a day or a month.
It will be for you and you and you….and I hope that you find something there that nourishes your mind, body and Soul.
Other facilitators are also welcome to hold their dreams, events and offerings here.
Move in in March. First Healing & Transformation Retreat is a 4 day residential on the Anzac Day long weekend in April!
Thank you, I am excited and so very looking forward to this unfolding.
Much love,
Phoenix x

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