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08 Nov


November 8 @ 7:00 pm - November 22 @ 8:30 pm

WARMING THE STONE CHILD – Healing for the unmothered child

Just about everyone has inner children that need connecting with and healing, we invite you on this helpful and accessible healing journey in community.

The inner child or younger parts that are locked away in our psyches holding unresolved issues around overwhelming experiences in childhood are also a metaphorical and collective mythic symbol that can be worked with.

The pain of abandonment, both real and metaphorical, can cast a shadow over our entire adult experience.

Join me as we embark on a three week course by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run With The Wolves, alongside sharing and reflection to gently and lovingly explore the abandoned child archetype in world myths and cultures.

Dates: Wednesday evenings 8, 15 & 22 November

Times: 7pm-8.30pm on zoom

Price: $65 full / $39 concession

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We find clues about the process of healing the unmothered child within us all. Along the way, this gifted storyteller and Jungian psychoanalyst instructs us about the psychology of abandonment in childhood, how it affects us in later life, and its curiously special gifts and powers. 

I have been working with the abandoned child/ren within myself and with my clients and workshop participants for decades and weave my own insights and offer experiences to further enrich our journey into healing and empowerment.

Stories include: 

  • The Inuit fable of the Stone Child
  • Symptoms of the adult “abandoned child”
  • The story of the Little Red Cap
  • The English tale of the Stolen Woman Moon
  • The four types of abandonment
  • Re-creating the inner mother, and much more.

Drawing from many world cultures, this collection of deep myths, fables, and fairy tales creates a compelling picture of the orphan figure through the ages, while helping us understand the meaning of preadolescent abandonment in our own lives.

Please note you need to be at the first evening to do either of the other two evenings. 

We invite you into a warm, non-judgemental journey suitable for everyone, even if you are just curious or have never done any personal inner work.


Phoenix Arrien is passionate about supporting people’s journeys towards healing and transformation. She over 25 years experience, providing transformation and healing spaces for people to transform, heal and self-discover.
Her training and experience includes Somatic Psychology, Aus indigenous healing, Native American & Sth American healing, Maori and Cherokee bodywork, dance/movement, Adventure-based Counselling, Process Work, Jungian Psychology, Restorative Yoga,  Voice Dialogue, Healing Ecology, Deep Ecology, writing and meditation.
She believes that safe space, sacred process, loving community and non-judgemental presence allows healing and transformation to emerge and deep profound change to occur.

Testimonials of other online courses:

“Thanks for bringing it to life Phoenix, it was a wonderful journey. 💚” Penny Breton

I absolutely loved the experience Phoenix. Thank you so much. 🙏🏻💖 – Marilyn Copeland

“”There has been nothing better than every Wednesday evening setting my space with a candle my recliner and a snug blanket, along with my pastels / pencils/ and sketch book. The opportunity to come together with a group of beautiful wise women to have Phoenix hold space and open the stories up.

To be heard validated was a given. To rock up with your own experience and to hear from each other allowed for vulnerability and laughter in-fact all emotions.

The story took myself on a deep journey unfolding and continuing to unfold my own wise self and a true way to walk in the world.

Feeling grateful and looking forward to more possibilities of story telling/ experiencing and connecting. My beautiful SCARS !!!! Thanks phoenix and ladies amen and a little women heeeeee” – Liz Kinnane

“My time with the…group was incredible! The Estes stories are powerful teachers for this time of my Life. It is enriching to explore my Self while in connection and togetherness with other like-minded women in their sacred lives too. I really encourage everyone to give yourself this experience. It has changed my life!” – Cathy Saleta

“It was incredible and the shifts continue ❤️I especially enjoyed the company of women. The multitude of connections, personal wisdom and interpretations. This helped me to better understand or claim my own inner wise woman. Happy to share this with others too” – Pam Corcoran

Cancellation policy for this workshop: Refundable – less 15% admin/bank fees if cancelled 30 days before the workshop or 50% refundable less admin/banking fees less than 30 but more than 14 days before the workshop begins. No refund 14 days before the workshop begins, during or after the workshop.

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Date: November 8 @ 7:00 pm - November 22 @ 8:30 pm
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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