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ATTENTION FACILITATORS We are now taking expressions of interest for those people who would like to learn how to facilitate healing and transformation with Innate Wisdom Connection

This will take form of a one day Master Classes in Melbourne.

Upon mutual agreement, after a number of classes, it is envisaged that some people will develop their facilitation to assist in IWC workshops and retreats.

There may be possibilities of assistants then moving on to co-facilitating or facilitating workshops.

Prerequisite: completion of 2 weekend workshops and one 7-day or longer retreat with IWC. This ensures that there is a level of embodiment prior to learning how to hold space and facilitate.

Some may do this for their own interest and healing journey. Others to incorporate elements into their work. While others may feel to go all the way to facilitation. This particular road is an exciting and challenging one. It may require in depth inner and outer work and your own healing journey to parallel the training journey. It is very rewarding, flexible and takes elements of the indigenous ways in that there is no determined time frame with pieces of paper at the end (however a Certificate of Attendance can be supplied) but would take the form of an apprenticeship-type process.

Location: Melbourne (address provided on booking)

Price: $200 (deposits due a fortnight before and balance the day before).

Date: 17 March 2023. More details are located on our Matwork 101 event page

To book click the button above. For questions call 0407 650 026 or email or contact us via the contact page.


To bring: notebook, pen

Optional pre-course reading:
‘The Body Keeps The Score’ by Bessel Van der Kolk
‘The Shaman’s Body’ and ‘Riding The Horse Backwards’ by Arnold Mindell


“I’m so grateful that you have shared…your work with me and the world. I put it out to the universe that I find someone doing a mix of Psychotherapy & Shamanic healing that I could learn from…and here you are! I didn’t know what to expect but wow you exceeded any and all idea’s I may have on what that may look like. I saw so much in the healing/therapy, elements of somatic bodywork, energy work, mindfulness and psychodrama. – Heather Cavill Greer, Psychotherapist & Yoga Teacher

“Much gratitude to you! I am very happy to recommend you, your retreats and your wonderful transformative work” – Denise Belling, International Social Design Facilitator
“Whatever Phoenix presents, you just know it will be incredible! She is the best facilitator of indepth transformative workshops that I have ever experienced.” – Annie Slaughter, Myotherapist & Reiki Teacher
“Exceeded my expectations. Utterly professional, caring, knowledgable, intuitive. Would recommend your special and deeply necessary work to anyone.” – Rob Lamicela, Entrepreneur
“Facilitator Training with Innate Wisdom Connection…will inform and strengthen my work as a Death Doula supporting families experiencing shock, loss, trauma, grief and all the family dynamics and politics woven into the mix. It is intense, but such valuable, effective and meaningful work.”– C. Reeves