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ATTENTION FACILITATORS We are now taking expressions of interest for those people who would like to learn how to facilitate healing and transformation with Innate Wisdom Connection

This will take form in a series of one day Master Classes in Melbourne. Some people may go on to do more series (2 series a year are planned).

Upon mutual agreement, after a number of classes, it is envisaged that some people will develop their facilitation to assist in IWC workshops and retreats.

There may be possibilities of assistants then moving on to co-facilitating or facilitating workshops.

Prerequisites: participating in 4 workshops – 2 of them must be 7 days or more. This ensures that there is a level of embodiment prior to learning how to hold space and facilitate.

Some may do this for their own interest and healing journey. Others to incorporate elements into their work. While others may feel to go all the way to facilitation. This particular road is an exciting and challenging one. It may require in depth inner and outer work and your own healing journey to parallel the training journey. It is very rewarding, flexible and takes elements of the indigenous ways in that there is no determined time frame with pieces of paper at the end (however a Certificate of Attendance can be supplied) but would take the form of apprenticeship-type process.

Location: online zoom – this means you can attend from anywhere!

Price: $180 per day (deposits due a fortnight before and balance the day before).
To bring: notebook, pen

Optional pre-course reading:
‘The Body Keeps The Score’ by Bessel Van der Kolk
‘The Shaman’s Body’ and ‘Riding The Horse Backwards’ by Arnold Mindell

Please contact us if you are interested via the Contact Page

‘Facilitator Training with Innate Wisdom Connection…will inform and strengthen my work as a Death Doula supporting families experiencing shock, loss, trauma, grief and all the family dynamics and politics woven into the mix. It is intense, but such valuable, effective and meaningful work.’ – C. Reeves