Victoria, Australia


Connected Men

Innate Wisdom Connection / Connected Men

A safe and empowering workshop for men to reconnect with their authentic selves, with others and with the earth.

Every day, men face demands and expectations to conform to a way of being that no longer resonates with us.

As small boys many of us were told to sit down and be quiet. If we expressed out tears, we were told to “man up” and “stop being such a girl”. We were not taught healthy ways to express our righteous anger and so it either got squashed down or leaked out as verbal or physical violence. We were not taught the ways of the healthy warrior archetype.

For many of us in adolescence our budding sexuality was not allowed to flower in a safe and nurturing space, and instead we experienced shame, ridicule and rejection. We were not taught the ways of the healthy lover archetype.

At school we were taught to compete with each other, and knowledge was prized as a way to get ahead for our personal gain. We were not taught the ways of the healthy wizard/magician archetype.

From our earliest years we experienced power being used in hierarchical ways, as power over backed up by fear of punishment if people didn’t obey. We were not taught the ways of the healthy king/leader archetype.

As a result of these and other cultural failures, many men feel disconnected from their hearts, their emotions, their power and their essence. And so they struggle to connect well with others, whether in intimate and family relationships, or with other men.

The Connected Men workshop will be an intensive weekend of experiencing and learning to reconnect: –

  • to our hearts
  • to our passions and our power
  • to our sorrow and grief
  • to our sacred sexuality
  • to our innate wisdom
  • to others
  • to the earth

7pm Friday 17 May – 4pm Sun 19 May 2019

Yarra Valley, Vic

Investment: $260 full, $195 conc. Includes accommodation. Bring your own food to self-cater. Morning and afternoon teas and snacks will be provided.

Cancellation policy for this workshop: Refundable – less 15% admin/bank fees if cancelled 30 days before the workshop or 50% refundable less admin/banking fees 14 days before the workshop begins. No refund 14 days before the workshop begins, during or after the workshop.


This workshop is a collaboration between Mike Lowe from Innate Wisdom Connection and Peter McMeikin, a counsellor and facilitator based in Warburton.

Mike Lowe

Mike Lowe has over 20 years international experience leading transformational workshops in the areas of trustbuilding and reconciliation. He has worked with politicians and young leaders in Eastern Europe after the fall of communism and has worked with police and former militia leaders in Solomon Islands. His particular gift is in creating safe spaces in which transformation can occur, and he has a particular interest in earth-based spirituality, indigenous wisdom, Process Work, Focussing, Voice-Dialogue, Archetypes, and supporting the rise of healthy and authentic Masculine and Feminine energies as we transition from Patriarchal and colonial ways of being.

 Peter McMeikin

Peter McMeikin took an active role in raising his three children whilst running a construction company for 25 years.
Peter experienced the emptiness that our materialistic culture perpetuates with its unhealthy domination subordination dynamic. After a couple of years of travel, soul-searching and deepening his meditation and Buddhist practice he spent the next three years completing a diploma of counselling, an intensive eight month course in Nonviolent Communication, Mental Health First Aid and various other trainings. Peter is now working as a crisis support counsellor in his local community and with Lifeline. He also is involved in creating safe spaces engaging people and facilitating healthy conversations encouraging change in our culture.
Peter is a great believer in the human spirit and our inherent innate wisdom.