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From Survivor to Thriver:

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Women’s Healing From Sexual Assault, VIC Workshop

An empowering, safe and nurturing workshop for all who identify as women and have been, or suspect they been, sexually assaulted.

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This experiential workshop is very accessible for survivors of sexual violence to enter a safe space that offers compassionate, non-judgemental support for you to explore your journey towards healing. Sexual assault, whether in childhood or adulthood, can create lots of difficulties in many areas of life.

7pm Friday 13 Sept – 4pm Sun 15 Sept

St Kilda, Victoria

Investment: $350 full, $275 concession inc. GST


A $150 deposit will secure your place, payable by e-banking or credit card. For more information, email or via our contact page.

Cancellation policy for this workshop: Refundable – less 15% admin/bank fees if cancelled 30 days before the workshop or 50% refundable less admin/banking fees 14 days before the workshop begins. No refund 14 days before the workshop begins, during or after the workshop.

We create an incredibly supportive space to create a life for healing and recovery and thriving. We understand it can feel daunting or difficult to move forward or feel that we can get through the process of recovery and into thriving. We know the dark places, the bleak moments, the pain that seems endless.

We also know that there are tools and experiences and being held in supportive unflinching community that makes a difference and helps us through to re-discovering ourselves and reclaiming that which was taken from us.

In this workshop is the kind of awareness and care many look for to boost their journey or even start it or feel inspired to keep going. There is no pressure to participate on any level and people can take as much time out as they wish and participate as much or as little as they wish. You are in control of everything that you choose to do. Every moment you are with us you are honoured in whatever state or space you are in.

This workshop may include:

  •  Safe empowering space
  • Deep support
  • Reclaiming body, mind, spirit and soul
  • Healthy expression of emotions
  • Process work that follows your unique journey towards healing
  • Experiential experiences with no pressure or expectations
  • Gentle Bodywork and Energywork
  • Shamanic healings such as extractions and soul retrievals
  • Reclaim personal space and boundaries
  • Learning tools to support yourself or gain support
  • Wellness tips and practices
  • Connection with self, others and community
  • Connection to inner self-healing capacities
  • Deep relaxation

Everyone has a right to heal…we hope your participation in this nourishing space will help you in your healing journey. Please contact Phoenix if you wish to discuss this workshop or your participation in it.


Phoenix Arrien is passionate about supporting people’s journeys towards healing and transformation. She has over 20 years experience, providing sacred transformation and healing spaces for people to transform, heal and self-discover. She has helped many people with a vast range of issues arising from sexual assault with great feedback. She was a manager of the ground-breaking Bodywise Project at the Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault and is an incest survivor thriver.

Her training and experience includes Aus indigenous healing, Native American & Sth American healing, Maori and Cherokee bodywork, dance/movement, Adventure-based Counselling, Process Work, Voice Dialogue, Healing Ecology, Deep Ecology, writing and meditation. She believes that safe space, sacred process, loving community and non-judgemental presence allows healing and transformation to emerge and deep profound change to occur.


“This workshop was a powerful experience for me. I felt I was stepping further into reclaiming my power and my presence as a feeling, loving being. The processes you led us through were each doorways into healing, deeper experiencing and relating, and there was a beautiful balance between heart, body and mind in them. I want to thank you deeply for sharing this work with us, and for holding the space for our personal and collective processes to unfold. You both have deep integrity and a passionate commitment to the work, and were always willing to show up to work with whatever was happening for us and gently guide us towards our growth point.

I was frequently conscious of your patience and caring as we stumbled, resisted and struggled with our contradictions on the journey toward healing, and of the skill involved in what you do. This work has made me feel stronger in myself and more alive, and I also am aware that the journey is an ongoing one and there are indeed ‘many rivers to cross’. But I now feel a sense of excitement and momentum that I am on that journey, and I feel that working with you both is, and will be an important part of that journey for me.“ – K.C.

“While I really did not know what to expect from this retreat it surpassed my expectation and I was able to tap into a deep part of myself that, as a 57 year old woman who has done many decades of work, I have not been able to access before. So while there may be more work to do as yet as a childhood abuse survivor, many doors have been opened. Such love was shared by all and this experience will stay with me forever. May our paths cross again“ – Di James

“Arrived into the unknown with such vulnerability. Hour-by-hour, day-by-day to have the support and nurturing to help heal in a community. You have such a gift in allowing me to just be and guide me on a my journey of transformation. I leave today feeling a huge weight has been lifted and my heart open. Thank you.” – Amanda

“Thank you for providing this healing experience – I feel I have been connected to my inner self and believing now no matter what the circumstances I have the truth and strength to stand tall. I love me and I need to take care of her, we are all connected” – Jennie

“Words can’t express how wonderful and transformational this was! I feel so fortunate to have been a part of it. I am so grateful for such talented, inspired and supportive facilitators who created such a safe transformational space and opportunities – big big thanks! I am also very grateful to have been there and connected with such a wonderful, courageous and enriching group of fellow participants” – Denise xx