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Program & More Info about Dark Erotic workshop

Innate Wisdom Connection / Program & More Info about Dark Erotic workshop


This workshop includes letting go of shame and guilt, resolving old blocks to self-expression, becoming more confident and empowered, integrating more of one’s personal truth, releasing trauma residue, knowing, accepting and enjoying personal shadows and being able to be aware of when our partners’ shadows trigger us.,

The path to deeper intimacy and erotic adventure can be solidly grounded, personally engaged, honoring of individual sensitivities, trauma-aware and a gradually unfolding authentic exploration.

Enjoy the safety of a framework of grounded authenticity in consent and realness along with expert guidance, and opportunities to share and discuss what your experiences are.


(Subject to fluidity and flexibility of course)

DAY ONE: Introductions, getting to know each other, having some fun, and discussing what we will do and how we will have a safe, wonderful, deep time together.

We gently explore aspects of our developmental psychology such as conditioned shame and guilt (not to ‘get rid of them’, but to acknowledge and heal these parts of ourselves as it is important to be aware of for our journey this weekend). Plus learning and practising methods of raw, honest connection, and how to discover your own personal levels and types of interest. (Freeing yourself from the assumed stereotypes.)

Practical relating exercises, healthy emotional expression, fun and exploratory sharing, movement, healing processes and body awareness, are the main experiential activities.

DAY TWO:  On the second day we get into the processes that bring up our intimate shadows. We do exercises and processes for our own and other people’s emotional and body awareness, healing and presence as well as stepping towards healing our difficulties in relating and intimacy, including safe shadow work.

By the end of the day we will be putting this all into practice in a range of simple exciting exercises. These will be conscious distillations of interactions more commonly associated with realms such as Domination/Submission, BDSM & Kink.

DAY THREE: On the third and final day we build on the trust, skills, bonding and energies of the weekend with deeper processes and exercises, including some fun and nurturing spaces to complete our time together.

BDSM, Kink and D/s:

There are many deeply culturally embedded false beliefs about Domination/submission, BDSM & Kink.

Yet the reality is that:

  • When the focus is more on sensitive personal connection than on task-focussed activities, the connections and experiences are far more satisfying and fulfilling;
  • All your play can be based on satisfying authenticity rather than just about fantasy;
  • Subtle energies and sensitive emotions are welcomed and valued, (something that is often missing);
  • Slow responsible unfoldment of safe skills over time can be a deeply delicious meal of engagement;
  • You do not need to begin or even display a flawless fantasy persona and be utterly confident or exhibitionistic, whatever else you bring into the dynamic is useful including messiness, sadness, anger, uncertainty, confusion and more.

Configurations & Expectations:

Singles, couples, and any relational groupings are welcome. Single people will be invited to pair or group randomly for exercises. All are designed to be empowering safe learning experiences that can be explored to whatever level feels comfortable and matches your degree of personal connection. You will never be expected to go beyond where you want to go. Learning happens at your own personal edges.

It is also completely possible to sit out of any exercise that you don’t wish to do, or indeed to step out if you change your mind. We very purposefully design the practices to be as accessible, simple and non-pressured as possible, but since every one of us is so unique any individual’s choice or sensitivities are totally honored. Even just witnessing now and again can be a valuable learning experience.

Any more info or questions or if you would like to discuss your participation please contact Phoenix on 0407 650026 or send a message here