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Working with the Shadow

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Working with the Shadow

It’s great being on a spiritual path.

We do get questioned about how ‘spiritual’ our work is because we do shadow work, we help people safely feel stuff they haven’t felt before, we help people move through anger, sadness, loneliness, grief and other ‘negative’ emotions and bring science, some mainstream modalities into the healing space.

There’s lots of personal responsibility and personal power for our individual lives, deep listening, trying things, exploring strange or new, opening, allowing, softening, connecting….

…and that may include darkness, pain, confusion, uncertainty and stumbling. Not all the time but sometimes.

But why I am asked, why go into our dark stuff when you must only focus on and bring into your life ‘positive’ joyful stuff? Ignore the rest or at best think about them and then move on?

When we are fixed in such beliefs it is challenging to hear – and hey most people turn away or hang up or ‘I’ll get back to you’ when I mention – that wholeness and healing requires groundedness, going within, taking risks, facing one’s problems and expressing one’s emotions.

Problem is that dark, messy, painful, confusing or disturbing thoughts, feelings, impulses, behaviours or troubles…well they don’t go away and vanish. They get pushed under our awareness and keep trying to get into the action by getting us to do stuff that hurts ourselves or others without our awareness.

Without awareness it’s hard to make choices about our lives and what is running it. And in a pain-avoidant and appearance-obsessed society it’s too easy to take or do stuff that avoids the mess and keeps us looking good…on the surface and even that crumbles at times and cracks show up. My god where’s the polyfilla?

This is an inconvenient truth. It’s not sexy (except in our intimate shadows workshop) glamourous, quick, easy or buzzy. But it’s healing and transformative and will improve your lives and those around you!

There’s heaps of support for you and we don’t flinch from the messy stuff and you will get through it. And come out better for it, and understand yourself, others and life far more, oh and we do have fun at times lol


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