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One Month Vision

Many years ago I did not think that a one month retreat would be a great opportunity to get together with tribe… I felt it. I felt it rising in me and pleading for life.

I had just read Maxwell Maltz’s now debated theory that it takes 21 days to change a habit (for most it can take longer).

Well, habits or patterns can need support and ‘permission’ from others around us as well as internal permission. We can certainly benefit from encouragement, opening our minds, hearts, emotions, bodies, creativity, intuition, insight and not having to worry about distractions, meals or how to go about doing it.

We can live together rising each morning to a beautiful day in nature and the adventure that that day will unfold and offer us.

We can certainly benefit from connections and reflection, from time and space, from learning and understanding, from great food and a safe, non-judgemental, loving, caring space to be in.

Year by year the intensive grew. I am in gratitude to those who believed in the early days that this would work for them and who emerged and told others to try it – it works.

Year by year we have added a longer and longer workshop until this year it is one month!

As we approach this year’s annual one month intensive that really does now allow opportunities for enough time to deeply change long-entrenched patterns, I reflect on this vision of a one month retreat emerging many years ago.

I did not know how it was going to come about, this opportunity, for people to get together in community in nature and support each other to heal and transform, but that I felt so strongly was possible.

Lots of doubts, both internal and external, plenty of reasons to give up, turn away and not trust. The beauty of dedicating one’s life to Spirit is that of handing it over to Spirit… but then following the prompts and doing what must be done. Spirit ain’t gonna do it for ya! It will show you how to, step by step, even when the steps lead backwards or down or out…

I followed Spirit as much as I could, and still do. I let go much and dedicated my life. I thank teachers, participants, male co-facilitators, notably Mike Lowe who is an essential holder of the space for the men.

Ten years in the making and now it is Time! This October the vision is real. For the first time we gather for a month of deep community, beautiful nature, profound healing and solid transformation. I thank Spirit and those who have helped me and the retreat, become reality.

Phoenix Arrien


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